Thursday, June 27, 2013

Farmers Market

Let me just say how much fun I think farmers markets are; the tents, interesting people, and great food what's not to love? I decided to wear my new navy Southern Tide shorts (so happy they started a women's line) and new J Crew shoe belt. The v-neck is just a classic artist tee from J Crew. I'm really starting to love tucking in all my shirts all of a sudden.
Still haven't mastered the "blog" pictures yet.
How much are we lovin this belt?!
These shorts are extremely comfy, I'll be buyin a new pair soon!
Above are just a couple quick snaps around the farmers market. The display signs had beautiful handwriting and they had metal frogs sitting on the benches. I was really obsessed with the flower truck, where the florist made fresh bouquets for you.

How do y'all feel about going to farmers markets?

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