Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just Run.

I'm really obsessed with running. I don't run 5ks or marathons, I run to stay in shape and to de-stress. Of course the cute Lululemon running tops are my favorite. Below is the newest addition to my collection, it's on sale now! I love how it's seamless and really breathes when running in the humidity. 

Excuse the sweaty "glow" I just finished my evening run.
This is just a fun picture I found on the internet to give any runner a little funny motivation.

What do y'all do to keep in shape & what fitness brands do y'all love?


  1. Hi, just came across your blog randomly and I love it! I'm obsessed with LLL and have been vacationing in Kiawah the past few years. Was just there last month! Love Charleston.

    1. So happy you found me! I love that you vacation on Kiawah, I feel like its not too popular! Hope you had a fantastic weekend