Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buying for the Future

Many of you have probably noticed I never post pictures of my house but pictures of interiors from the world wide web. Well considering I still live in a dorm (only for 4 more months) I haven't put much work into my decorating style since freshman year. I have a beautiful handmade Lilly Pulitzer quilt and fun sorority decorations but I'm looking forward to graduating and being able to decorate an apartment! 

My mom gave me some advice that I should start purchasing items early for my future home that way everything wouldn't become overwhelming and expensive. I finally made my first official purchase for my future home! This white shell catch all is from GDC Home on Johns Island. I love that I could put just about anything in there and it has sentimental value (win win). 

Currently used to hold my everyday jewelry on my nightstand

My nightstand with my Tiffany & Co. NYC mug and beautiful shell dish
Did or will anyone else follow my mom's advice?

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