Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Sparkle

If you've noticed when I post pictures of my outfits I'm never wearing much jewlery. I know statement necklaces and bracelets stacks are just all the rage these days but I just don't find them to be very me for everyday wear. Don't get me wrong I love how those trends look on y'all but not practical for me. I have like three statement necklaces and I have to force myself to put them with outfits (help!). One thing is for sure I ALWAYS wear earrings. I literally feel naked without them. I only wear studs (dangly things get all in my hair) and I rotate between two pairs. My pearls and Tory Burch logo studs. I'm typically wear my pearls when I'm dressed down (Nike shorts & sorority tshirt) or everyday wear. I pull out my Tory Burch small gold logo studs when I want to look a little more put together or when I dress up. 
Tory Burch Small Logo Stud. Here.
J. Crew Pearl Stud. Here.
One of these days I'm sure my jewelry habits will change but for now I'm happy with my simple style. 

What are y'alls everyday jewelry pieces?

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