Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organized:Usernames & Passwords

Time to get organized!

If you're a college student using your "" account you'll probably go through the same experience as me. I know my school deletes your email account 2 years after you graduate and so I'm preparing to lose my account now. I've had a LLITS email address but I write blog posts all under my name/school email, kinda confusing I know! 

To fix the confusing email problem, I've created a personal gmail account to be used for everything including giving it out to future employers (ekkk big girl talk) and a blog email. I will obviously still use my school address for my last semester but this is my first big girl step. Yesterday I gathered up supplies and wrote down all my usernames/passwords. I switched every account I could think of to my new personal account and my blog resources to my LLITS address.

Here's what you need to tackle this project:

1. Patience, this takes longer than you think so grab a cup of coffee and your favorite chair.

2. Emily Ley Simplified Planner Printables, there is a place to write down everything for any account you can think of. (I used two of these pages for my accounts)
(Screen shot of what the pages look like, clean & simple)
3. Pencil or Pen, you'll be writing a good bit so pick your favorite. I used a pencil so I could change passwords as necessary.

4. A List, you'll need a list of all your accounts or favorite websites. I started out with sites I visited daily. I know there are several stores like J. Crew that I'll need to change my email but I plan to do those on an as-need basis.

I finished mine in a couple hours with some coffee breaks. I'm glad I did it just so I know what everything is.

Happy August Everyone!

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