Friday, February 7, 2014

Wedding Planning: How to say no

Hey Y'all!

I wanted to share something I've learned in the midst of wedding planning. For every little detail I've shopped around for different vendors in order to find the best at the best price. While I've contacted as many as 5 vendors for one part of the wedding I can only choose one. Hence I've had to learn to say no.

I'm absolutely awful at telling people no. I promise people look at me like I crushed their dreams and it breaks my heart. I haven't mastered this yet and I'm sure there is a better way to do it but here are my top 4 tips for saying no. 

1. Compliment them (only if what you're saying is true): This always makes me feel better and it provides good feedback to the vendor. Let's them know what they are doing is good but maybe you didn't hit it off personality-wise.

2. Explain why: By explaining why this will cut down on the awkward response email of why didn't you choose us for your event. The are just looking for feedback but you might feel uncomfortable at this point because you've already fallen in love with your vendor.

3. Offer to help: Only if you're comfortable offer to refer them to a friend for their next event. I found one vendor who I loved but when I made my pro/con they just weren't the best option for my special day.

4. Be honest and to the point: This is important when it's someone who isn't your favorite. Explain why (in a nice way) and make the email or phone call short and to the point. 

I hope this helps any future brides planning their special day! (Obviously I have a couple vendors who I've loved and some that I didn't)


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  1. This is my life right now. I really don't like saying no. But a prompt response and plenty of feedback is a kind way to let a vendor know they simply aren't for you. Thanks for posting!

    -McKenzie @