Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hydrangea Shorts

Hey Y'all,

So this week I was thrilled to be able to make a quick trip to Charleston with my mom for my last bridal fitting and my bridal portraits! We were also able to squeeze in some shopping, a beautiful lunch, & a meeting with my wedding planner. (If you need help to plan a quick Charleston trip, I'm your girl)

First stop, LulaKate for my final dress fitting. Let me go ahead and tell you that LulaKate is absolutely the BEST to work with! They really go above and beyond to make you feel special.
Love the candy bar cart area
Quick mirror #selfie to show off my precious hydrangea shorts!
Breathtaking studio
Lowcountry Bistro for lunch, personal favorite
Funniest story, while at lunch I overheard a woman from California tell the waiter she wanted some real southern food. He responded saying the chicken & waffles were delicious. The woman actually thought he was kidding! haha Sorry but my southern hospitality kicked in and I HAD to join their conversation. Needless to say I convinced her to try the chicken & waffles since it's a personal favorite of mine! Lowcountry Bistro can do no wrong in my book!

I wish I could share my bridal hair, makeup, and portraits with y'all. In less than 40 days I'll be married and can share all of the fun wedding details I've kept secret! 

Charleston was beautiful as always. Even though it was a quick tiring trip it was great to bond with my sweet mommy on a weekday.


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