Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Safe & Fun in the Sun

Hey Y'all!

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love the sun as in I will lay out in it all day to get that perfect summer glow. If your someone who is concerned with the health issues of sun exposure totally fine we just have a different opinion, no biggie just ignore my little personal life story. I'm very lucky that I've always tanned quickly and rarely got sunburned ever. Well since I work indoors majority of the time my gorgeous tan/glow has gone to the way side. So what do I do but go layout by the pool this past weekend...two days later I'm still sunburnt and not feeling so hot. No pain no gain? I really wish I would've worn at least a small SPF to ease myself back into a tan. 
Well since I've remembered how fun being sunburnt is I wanted to share some of my top pics for having fun in the sun but still being covered up. I always wear a cover up to and from places but they are also great for one your feeling a little toasty. A hat is a must for me! Trust me you don't want to have the part of your hair burnt, personal experience it's not cute when it peels. haha I also love a great pair of rubber flip flops because you don't have to worry about them getting wet and sand just falls right off of them! 

My summer sun musts are definitely a great coverup, hat, and flip flops

What are summer musts for y'all? 

PS. Sunscreen is super good for you I do wear it...sometimes



  1. Sunburns are no fun. As someone who is fair skinned and burns while driving (I have to keep a small to go sunscreen in my purse, the struggle) I understand burns. I love wearing banana boats sunscreen with the cool zone, it helps you cool off while protecting your skin too. But who doesn't love a fun cover up! That tunic is very pretty! :)

    1. I hate sunburns especially when it sneaks up on you. I typically use the Neutrogena cool mist spray because I love that "cool" feel and it's not super greasy. I've never tried banana boat before so I'll have to try that this summer! Thanks for the tip :)