Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ready for 2014

By far 2014 will be one of the busiest years for me. Everything is changing, soon I'll be moving out of my parents house and getting married. I'll hopefully have found my perfect job by then (fingers crossed) and I might learn how to cook actual meals! Between job hunting and wedding planning there are a lot of dates to keep. I wanted to share how I keep organized. It literally takes one notebook, two planners, and my Simplified wedding planner. 
My favorite organizational tools!

Lilly Pulitzer monthly calendar in Tusk in the Sun
I use my Lilly planner as an exercise log and a way to set my goals for each week. Above you can see how I write down how many miles I run each day. I've set my goal for the month at the bottom. Below it's divided up by weeks of each moth. I have a to-do list or my tasks I'd like to accomplish each week written down. This is a great way for me not to get stressed out about a long list of things but keep myself motivated.

Sugar Paper LA for Target
I use this pretty pink planner for my appointments, dates, birthdays, etc. Basically my life is in here, this planner is perfect because it's soft cover and it looks a little more professional than a Lilly planner.  The pink and gold detail gave it just enough flair for my personality.

This is the best way for me to keep myself organized. I also have a huge wall calendar that I'm waiting to put up in my future office! What tricks do y'all use to stay organized?


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