Monday, March 24, 2014

What's in the Kitchen? {blueberry muffin tops}

Happy Monday Y'all!

Last week I made some delicious blueberry muffin tops and was asked how to make them. I really wish I had some special recipe but I just used a box mix. Here's the trick though to make muffin tops you need a muffin top pan (yes they do sell them). 

My favorite muffin top pan by Cuisinart 

 I know muffins would be great homemade and one day I might dabble into making them from scratch. Currently though I'm not a morning person and just baking in the AM hours is an accomplishment. Here's my one little trick to making delicious muffins, I don't follow the directions on when to add the blueberries. I add them along with the eggs so I can mash them up. I kinda hate biting into a muffin and eating a whole blueberry (weird texture thing). 

Favorite muffin mix!

Be sure to pair the muffin tops with a large cup of coffee to get your morning started right!



  1. So excited to try these out for my bible study girls tomorrow!! Thanks for posting! :)

  2. I really thing my teacher friends would love this!