Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Drinks on the Roof

Part 2 of my fabulous Charleston trip included a day of shopping and drinks on the roof. I absolutely love trying new places to eat/drink. While walking along side of the market my mom and I stubbled upon Henry's. Now I've seen this place time and time again but never tried it. The happy hour sign beckoned me in. 
It was such a gorgeous day we decided to have drinks and a light dinner on the roof top deck. The views were gorgeous!

I had southern cannonballs? Sounds strange but they are actually balls of grits with pulled BBQ chicken in the middle and it's all fried. My mom had the fish bits and chips which was equally delicious! Our drinks were also top notch, we both tried something new!
My sweet mom and her sweet tea cosmopolitan 
Happy Wednesday Y'all!



  1. Now I'm hungry! The hubs and I are going to have to check out that place now!

    1. I highly recommend it! Thanks so much for stopping by :)