Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to {plan a party}

So in my time planning my wedding and looking online for different party planning ideas I've determined that I'm pretty good at planning a party and remaining organized. Really, I'm not meaning to brag here but I've got a system. 

First (after you've picked a date & location), you've got to pick a theme based on the occasion. I think it's easy to pick a theme around a color scheme. I really like everything from the paper products to center pieces to be coordinated. Always check out Pinterest for some idea starters!

Second, grab yourself a file folder. 

I think these are precious from Target. I use these to keep all paper products organized for the event. These folders will keep all papers flat and together (no bent edges.) Use a couple of the tabs to keep to-do list and a copy of the menu.

*Tip: It's super easy to DIY invitations. Check Pinterest for some free printables but also Esty has some great printable sets for under $20!

So now you have all the plans and to-do lists written. You already know the menu and the invitations are sent. What now?

If you don't have center piece containers and table cloths it's ideal to split buying these products over a period of time. Any DIY projects split up over a couple weekends. Remember most craft stores have a 40% of coupon once a week that you can use to cut costs!

*Extra tip: if the event is anywhere besides your house use some clear plastic containers to keep decorations together. Transporting things from your house to your car is a pain so help yourself out by purchasing some boxes. Plus once the event is over you can store all you party decorations in a spare closet for the next party!
The Container Store

Lastly, the day of the party don't forget to photograph all your hard work and enjoy yourself! As the hostess you'll need to mingle and chat with everyone. Be sure to take all the compliments of your fabulous event with a smile.

Congratulation you're on your way to be the hostess with the mostess!


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  1. I definitely second the bins for moving decorations! These were our saving grace in planning and setting up our wedding too!