Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ikea Transformation

Hey Y'all,

So I've literally been on the perfect night stand search forever now. Anything I find that I love is too expensive or if it's in my budget it's poor quality/not my style. I decided to try my hand a fixing up an Ikea dresser for a quick temporary fix.

Part of my requirements for a night stand was to have 3 drawers for storage. We currently have clothes everywhere and I wanted a spot to put some of those clothes that I don't wear often but I'm not ready to store them in the attic. 

I started out with this Ikea Rast 3-drawer dresser.

After putting everything together (which I secretly love building Ikea furniture) my dresser looked kinda plain.

Enter in 2 cans of navy blue Valspar spray paint and one can of gold spray paint. 

AND now the final product! I really like how the navy blue breaks up our large wooden bed. How cute is my little elephant?! I found it at our local Pottery Barn outlet.

I'm still looking for the perfect bed site lamp but haven't found what I'm looking for. I've been reading the September issue of Vogue, so so good this year!

Hope y'all like my Ikea transformation as much as I do.


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