Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Purrrr-fect Items for Gidget

Happy Monday Y'all!

I hope everyone remembers my sweet kitten, Gidget. Well she is such a little mess running all over the place and jumping on everything! Her little space is our sunroom in our house. She's been making a huge mess of her litter box, food, and water bowls I needed to come up with a clean solution. So off to Pet Smart I go for the solution. 

I love Martha Stewart's style. It's also so clean and classic with the cutest colors! Below are my favorite picks:
All of these items can be found at Pet Smart
I tried my hardest to find a better picture of Gidget's new cat bed but it's not sold online. I  bought it yesterday as part of the new Halloween collection but I think it's the purrrr-fect color for Clemson football! 
How cute is she?!
I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady! haha Pet Smart had so many other cute items for puppies too! I love the holiday themed items. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her new silicone feeding mat keeps things clean.

Thank y'all for reading!



  1. Waverly! I really want a kitten!! But I'm nervous of it tearing things up and going crazy while I'm gone all day. How has Gidget been? And where/how did you get her? PS, SO CUTE :)

    1. Claire!!! We absolutely love our kitten but she can be a bit of a handful...she has endless energy! Ours is great with using her litter box and the only thing she messes up is her water bowl (she plays in it haha). I got her from one of our neighbors but in the past I've always adopted mine from PetSmart, they even have older cats that are a little easier than kittens. She's so sweet to snuggle with! :) Much easier than a puppy, so I'd recommend getting one!