Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monogram Monday

Every Southern woman knows how important a well placed monogram can be. I think there is a huge trend in monogramming right now, but we know southerners grew up with monogrammed hair bows and dresses. I absolutely love the tradition but there is a catch... Your monogram changes when you get married! So all of my clothes, cups, and towels have my maiden monogram not my married one (bummer)

I'm in the process now of updating all my favorite items & buying new ones! I wanted to introduce all my readers to my new monogram... isn't it beautiful?!

I've combined some of my favorite monogrammed items from my favorite stores to share with y'all

Tote & Candle: C.Wonder Tray: Mark and Graham 
Necklace: Moon and Lola Notebook: May Designs

I even made sure to show off my new monogram at work!

I simply bought an acrylic pencil cup and placed my new monogram decal on it. My favorite decals come from MontanaJC on Esty!

Do y'all love monograms as much as I do?


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