Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4 Types of Wedding Guests

Hey Y’all!
If you follow me on instragram (you really should @waveat) then you saw this photo of me and my husband at a wedding. The wedding was gorgeous and so much fun! I’m obsessed with this Lilly Pulitzer dress for two reasons: so cute/comfy and I matched the wedding d├ęcor.
Since its wedding season I thought I’d share with y’all an observation I’ve made at several weddings. There are a solid 4 different types of wedding guests. Pretty much everyone will fall into one of the categories in my opinion: the old timer, the party people, the “I’m just here for the food/alcohol,” or the laid back crowd.

The old timers: This group isn’t necessarily for those who are over the age of 60. They are the folks who come to the ceremony, stay for 30-45 minutes of the reception, and the leave. Absolutely nothing wrong with this choice except there goes 45% of the guests.

The party people: This group is the exact opposite of the old timers. They are the people who are going to stay until the entertainment leaves.  These lively people are going to be your life of the party with or without alcohol. They will be the first on the dance floor after the bride and groom and will only leave to take a quick break.

The “we're just here for the food/alcohol”: This group can be a little hit or miss. There main priority is the food and beverages. After they’ve had their fill they will switch over into another category. For example if they were only there for the food they will probably be in the food coma for the remainder of the reception while their better half is on the dance floor.

The good ‘ole laid back crowd: These guests just go with the flow. Nobody is dancing…well they aren’t going to start. These people are perfectly content chatting with other guests at their table or if they are feeling outgoing they will walk around to mingle. This crowd is great because they will stay for the entire duration and balance out your party people.

What group do you generally fall into? Did I miss a category? Next time you’re at a wedding look around at the other guests, it’s crazy what you’ll notice.

Happy Wedding Season!


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