Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outdoor Concert Essentials

It's finally the time for outdoor concerts. Almost every weekend there is some sort of festival that includes some sort of outdoor entertainment. Many times these events are free or next to free so why not take advantage?

My husband and I were able to go see Sister Hazel recently. We had a blast! It was so relaxing, we grabbed some food from a local vendor and got comfy on the grass. *Tip: Every venue has different rules about coolers and camp chairs so be sure to check before you carry it all.

The concert was only an hour long and we walked around food/craft vendors prior so bringing extra "stuff" wasn't practical. 

My #1 pick for an outdoor event is my tote bag. 

In my L.L. Bean tote (monogrammed by Monograms Markings & More) I had our jackets since it would get chilly once the sun went down. An oversize beach towel, plenty of room for two. Of course my wallet, car keys, and my emergency bag. In my emergency bag I keep medicine, band aids, hair brush, snacks, etc. Since the bugs are starting to come out I'll probably start packing bug spray too!

I kept my bag pretty light since I toted it around for almost two hours. We had so much fun and I can't wait till our next outdoor event.


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