Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Coffee Cocktails

Hi Y'all!

Recently I was asked, "Do you even blog anymore?" I hated that I had to be asked that question.

As I work to get back into the blogging game I wanted to start off with bragging about Greenville, SC. #yeahTHATgreenville

I live all of 20 minutes from downtown Greenville. It's a beautiful place with so much character and things to do. Not to mention my favorite Lilly Pulitzer store is there, Pink Bee

A couple weeks ago my mom and I spent an entire Saturday downtown shopping and visiting a great new coffee shop. I ended up with a couple new Lilly dresses for my birthday, some new candles from Anthropologie, and was able to try an amazing coffee cocktail!

Beep Beep! I found the Lilly Jeep 
Obsessed with these plates at Methodical Coffee
Tasting my grapefruit vanilla coffee cocktail

I highly recommend a visit to Greenville. We have beautiful weather, amazing shopping, and delicious restaurants!

Have a lovely day,


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