Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Lifted Toned Burned into the 100 Club

If you follow me on Instagram you already know I joined the 100 club at my Pure Barre studio on Monday! I started taking Pure Barre classes in January; basically I joined the “new year resolution fitness bandwagon.” After only a few classes I was hooked, even the soreness in my body didn’t slow me down. By the end of February I had about 30 classes under my belt and then came the March madness challenge of 21 classes in 31 days. I’m a sucker for any type of challenge so I signed up immediately and was proud to finish with 23 classes! Fast forward a few shorts months and here I am joining the 100 club. I’m much happier with where my body is now than a few months ago. I must admit if you get married and stop working out your body changes in ways you’re not a fan of. I can actually do push ups now and hold a plank for 90 seconds! I definitely have my highs and lows of each class but I love that each workout is slightly different. I wanted to share 4 main things I’ve learned on my journey to the 100 club.
  1. You’re stronger than you think you are: This is something that’s said during class and honestly I kinda ignored the statement several times before understanding it. Pure Barre classes are about doing your personal best and not worrying about what everyone else is doing. When an exercise starts to hurt or you start to shake deciding that you are stronger than the exercise is what really pushes you. Then 10 seconds later your done and you realize you ARE stronger than you thought.
  2. You can do anything for 30 seconds: Me and this phrase have a love/hate relationship. Some days I’m like, “Yes I can do this” and others “No thank you.” It’s really true though although your body might be completely shaking from holding a pose 30 seconds isn’t really that long. In those 30 seconds your building muscle and making progress!
  3. Schedule your classes:  Pure Barre has this nifty little app that allows you to schedule your classes up to a week in advance. You can also do this online or calling the studio but the app is wayyyy convenient. I sign up every morning for my afternoon classes and the night before my morning classes. I know that every time I hit “book class” that’s my commitment to go. Of course stuff has come up and I sadly hit “cancel class” but booking my classes has really helped me to stay on track.
  4. Pure Barre Family: Last but not least if you have researched Pure Barre at all you’ll see the phrase “Pure Barre Family” used a good bit. You go to the same classes each week and become so familiar with everyone. I slowly started learning people’s names and about their lives. Everyone is beyond encouraging and chatting before/after class really brightens my day and makes it working out more fun!
Going to your first class can definitely be intimidating but if you’re even halfway curious you should go. The teachers will walk you through everything you need to know and explain what particular phrases mean. Most people will ask you if it your first class and proceed to tell you how much you’ll like it. It’s recommended to try a couple classes so you can get the hang of it before you decide on sticking with it or not. I love that Pure Barre strengthens your body in such a slimming way! The small movements really do equate to big results!

A huge thank you to my studio for making my experience so wonderful! 


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