Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to pack {The Overnight Trip}

Hey Y'all

Well its wedding season (aka travel season) so everyone will be taking a couple overnight and weekend trips. I've literally gone on two overnight trips this past weekend and I'm leaving for another one tomorrow! My trip tomorrow is actually going to be a blast, I'm headed to Charleston for my first dress fitting!! 

I wanted to share a couple packing tips that will hopefully be helpful for anyone. I'll be honest I don't pack very far in advance & many trips are very last minute. First, you gotta have the right bag. I use my trusty Vera Bradley weekender. Every southern girl better have some Vera. This bag is great because it is structured and there are two way of carrying it.
Pick your pattern here.
Next for those quick trips I have a cosmetic bag packed with the essential beauty supplies. I refill it as-needed and I know it's always ready when I need it (huge time saver). 
I always keep toothpaste/brush, bandaids, Q-tips, travel shampoo, face lotion with SPF, & hair ties. I think of this bag as the "bare minimum" of the beauty items. I also try to keep a sample of face wash and some hairspray too.

Lastly I throw in my clothing, shoes, hair straightener, and brush into my overnight bag. I throw my makeup routine necessities in another Vera bag. After this any chargers, notebooks, & sunglasses go into my purse. I can basically pack in 30 minutes using these easy tips!

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